Eno Hammock Single Vs Double

Eno Hammock Single Vs Double

von · 03.07.2017

And that includes time to find two suitable trees, thanks to the ultra-adjustable and quick-set Atlas Suspension. Atlas Suspension System review The Atlas Suspension System makes hammock setup speedy. Each Atlas strap features 15 adjustment points to make tree selection easy, giving flexibility in tree circumference and distance.

To rig the hammock, simply wrap an Atlas around two sturdy trees and clip in the hammock at any of those 15 attachment points. The straps are ultra-sturdy, despite a light weight of 11 ounces for the pair. According to ENO, the straps support up to pounds. Finishing out the suspension system, both the SingleNest and DoubleNest are strung with nautical-strength rope and forged carabiners that clip quickly into the Atlas straps.

So where can I find them? ENO HAMMOCKS — AMAZON While we received sample products to test, all opinions above are our own, and based on our own, trail-tested experience. Some links on Trailful are affiliate links, which means that the merchant might pay us a commission if you purchase a product after clicking our links. This helps support our work, at no extra cost to you. We only recommend gear that we personally use and love.

Thank you for your support! Eric Champlin is a writer and photographer who loves to hike, run, backpack, kayak and cycle the southeast. For those who want effective insect protection but are prone to feeling claustrophobic, the Insect Shield Hammock is perfect. With no net blocking your view, you can enjoy that picturesque overlook with clarity.

Selecting a hammock made from a lightweight and breathable material that will keep you cool throughout the summer months is a good idea — no more stuffy tents that are more like saunas than a home-away-from-home! Cold-weather comfort is dependent on adding products to the hammock set-up. While blankets and sleeping bags work as a basic wind breaker in mildly cold temperatures, the best protection will come from hammock-specific products: It is a full-length quilt, complete with adjustable shockcord suspension and a DWR finish that creates a moisture-resistant barrier.

The Blaze uses fp duck down insulation, which is warmer and tends to be less bulky than synthetic insulation. And with its convertible footbox that gives you the option of tucking in your toes or sticking them out the sides, you can keep toasty warm and still be able to get in and out of your hammock for late night bathroom runs with ease. Wind can be a welcomed visitor during warm weather, as nylon material is very breathable and allows you to feel any breeze that blows through the bottom of it.

Cotton Material Material is a very important factor to consider when choosing a hammock. The two most common hammock materials are nylon and cotton. And between the two, nylon always comes out ahead: Compresses down smaller than cotton, making it easier to pack. This allows it to better handle iffy weather and work as an outdoor staple. Lighter weight than cotton. Has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, making it very strong.

More versatile Easier to tear with sharp objects Cotton Pros: Because of its weave, it can be printed with elaborate designs and patterns, as opposed to nylon, which only allows for solid color. Is HydroPhyllic — meaning it attracts water. Can really only ever be used in one place — cotton hammocks are harder to transport because of their weight and bulk. Unexpected blizzards and sudden rain storms can put quite the dampener on any camping trip.

Remember, unlike tents, hammocks do not have a cover, so tarps specially designed for hammocks are versatile and will most efficiently shield you from anything Mother Nature throws your way. How heavy do you prefer your hammock to be? Would you cut your toothbrush in half just to make your pack a little lighter?

The ProNest , which weighs in at only 12 oz, is a great choice for ultralight backpacking. Just remember that the lighter in weight the hammock is, the smaller in size it will probably run. Also, bear in mind that your chosen suspension system will need to be included in total weight. What kind of suspension system are you looking for? To suspend your hammock, you need a suspension system and a pair of carabiners.

Choosing a Double- or Single-layer Hammock

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