Hallertau Blanc Single Hop

Hallertau Blanc Single Hop

von · 27.08.2017

This approach truly highlights everything these hops have to offer, and it allows the brewery to test out these varieties before they utilize them in future releases. For the sake of my liver and a reduced word count, this post will concentrate on just one of the variations available in the Hop Trial SMaSH Pack. Tasting Notes on Hop Trial — Hallertau Blanc from Schlafly Beer Appearance: Held to the light, the yellows brighten a bit but the overall color remains consistent regardless of light intensity.

The carbonation is moderate, displaying uniform lines of bubbles that industriously course their way to the head. The pour produced over a finger of chunky foam that is perfectly white. The head has great retention, falling incredibly slowly during the drink to eventually settle in as a half finger that lasts for the rest of the experience.

Lines of lace are left at times, but a good portion tends to slip slowly back down the glass to return to the top cap. A wisp of tropical and citrus fruits resides in the background only to be overtaken by an elegant white wine grape character lightly fruity, wonderfully earthy grape must aroma. The malt presence is light, providing balance with an almost wildflower honey-like quality.

I cannot express how truly delightful this aromatic experience is. The flavor leads off with that grape character, translating as a chardonnay note. There is then an easy transition to floral and grassy tones that are accompanied by just a grace of grapefruit and lemon zestiness. Aroma is heavy grapefruit, spicy hops, toast, and some grassiness. Flavor is dry malts, grapefruit esters, faint caramel sweetness, and some grassy hop bitterness. Medium body and carbonation.

Flavor delights with evergreen hoppy and smooth malty tones, as well as minimal bitterness and sweet touches. Mouthfeel has average thickness but fizz from here to California as my friends up in Mississauga loved to say! Hop to this worthy experiment. Tropical but a littel muted. Creamy flat texture on the finish. Pours a slightly hazy golden with a layer of cream colored head. Aroma and taste of basic malts, grass, and some hops. Aromas of light citrus, grass, like a combination of sauvignon blanc wine and an IPA.

Medium bodied, refreshing and very good.

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