Drop Dead Diva Stacy Dating Owen

Drop Dead Diva Stacy Dating Owen

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She tells her she finds the Pakery promising and says she wants to buy her out. Stacy goes to Jane for advice, and Jane tells her to do what she thinks is right. Stacy says she knew Jane would say that, and shows her a check, revealing that she had taken Barbara's offer. In Cheaters , Stacy starts acting strangely, so Jane has her new guardian angel, Paul , spy on her to figure out what was going on.

Stacy is meeting with a woman for lunch. Jane first suspects Stacy is making a new best friend because Jane hadn't been there for her. Stacy goes undercover as a prospective mother for a school to help with Jane's case, and asks the principal on the school's opinion on same-sex parents, which leads Paul and Jane to think Stacy is a lesbian and the woman she was meeting for lunch was her lover. The woman Stacy had met for lunch knew about the IVF process, having used it herself to have her children.

Stacy was afraid to tell Jane because she wasn't sure how she would react, but Jane is supportive. In the next episode , Stacy has begun looking for sperm donors, and Teri helps her. Stacy cares a lot about the sperm donor's appearance, but Teri tries to look for donors who are intelligent. Eventually they think they've found the perfect donor: Unfortunately, that donor was "out of stock.

The meeting is going pretty well, but then the "perfect" donor ignores a call from his mother. Stacy decides she doesn't want to use the donor's sperm, and later tells Jane she wants to have a close relationship with her child. Stacy decides she wants to use sperm from someone she knows instead of a stranger, and begins to look through her contacts for past exes who would be good donors. In Fool for Love , Stacy narrows her list down to three possible donors and invites them to a cocktail party to access who the best donor would be, but after two of them cancel, she needs two more donors.

She uses her alternate donor, and also asks Hank the bailiff to the party. At the party, Stacy has a checklist listing her top six donor traits: Kind, stable, ambitious, intelligent, funny, and attractive. As the party goes on, Stacy crosses off every one of her possible donors. Later, Owen comes over to talk to Jane about a case, and as Stacy watches him, she begins to check off her checklist, revealing that she's considering using Owen as a donor.

At the end of the episode, Stacy tells Jane she wants to use Owen as her donor. In Miss Congeniality , Stacy and Jane are fighting after Stacy told Jane she wanted to use Owen as her donor. Jane is upset because if she and Owen got married, it would be weird if Stacy was raising Owen's child. Stacy just wants Jane's blessing, and says she doesn't really think Jane and Owen are getting back together, which angers Jane, who angrily and sarcastically says that Stacy can have her blessing.

Stacy then goes to ask Owen. And instead of pursuing her acting and modeling fully, or picking up something else that would enrich her life and give her a steady source of income once the money from the Pakery ran out, she decides to have a baby all on her own. Let me repeat that, with no job and no idea what she wants to do with her life, she decided it was time to have a baby all on her own.

She should have tried to talk her out of having a baby on a whim. Somebody talk her out of this! Jane was rightfully angry, because she still believed she and Owen would get back together, and thought it might be a little weird if they were married and Stacy was raising his baby. Regardless of their future relationship, the fact that they were so serious would make Stacy having his baby really painful.

Owen said no, so Jane went to talk to him. She gave him the super awkward ultimatum that either he should get back together with her or give Stacy his sperm. But anyway, he changed his mind and said yes to Stacy. So that means that Owen and Jane are possibly over for good.

DROP DEAD DIVA: It’s Official, Jane and Stacy Split Over Owen

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