Religion Saves Dating Mark Driscoll

Religion Saves Dating Mark Driscoll

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This section, I had mixed feelings about. He points to examples of Jesus using sarcasm and even insults, though always for the purpose of convincing those whose positions He belittles to repent. He, surely hyperbolically, says that the judaizers who insist that you must be circumcised to be saved, who were leading the Galatians astray, should go castrate themselves Galatians 5: He points to Amos 6: Overall, the meat of this chapter it I good, but it gets muddied up a bit.

Predestination A very touchy topic, but I think he handles it well without stepping on the toes of any reasonable person. I was not a Calvinist prior to reading this though I do tend to kind of lean that way , and I still am not. Also, a few of his passages arguments were circular. Grace Not a bad section. For some, it might be of more use than others.

Sexual Sin I thought, for the most part, this section was really good. It managed to strike the difficult balance between taking sexual sin seriously and being legalistic. Just about every important aspect of sexual sin comes into play culture, the heart, sin, repentance, the saving power of Christ. He gives some generally quite useful advice as well. He emphasizes the evil and sheer destruction of sexual sin.

He also emphasizes that sex itself, when in the confines of marriage, is a very good thing, not sinful or dirty the way that too many theologians have made it out to be despite what the Bible actually says. I think the last few pages, which are about masturbation, are kind of a weak point in comparison to the rest.

He does at least point out that the Bible never forbids it and it is not itself sinful, though, quite accurately, he makes the point that it can lead to danger. He goes as far as suggesting that it might be a type of homosexuality, since you are the same gender as yourself. Perhaps he was trying to be funny? Still, the section on the whole is definitely worth reading. Faith and Works Content is good, but it takes until the end for him to address the actual question asked.

The question asked was this: Only at the end does he even address the question, explaining how it is because we are saved that we do the good works in passages like James 2: Theologically I think that his answer is fine, but it probably would have served to explain how what he was going to argue would address the question asked. I did take some issue with the things that he said. Mark Driscoll, as he continues preaching in Religion Saves and 9 Other Mark Driscoll gives 16 principles for Christian dating.

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Mark driscoll religion saves dating

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