Chameleon Dating Software Review

Chameleon Dating Software Review

von · 22.07.2017

Their signature was removed for lisibility reason, it's here if you want to read it: Do not create additional tickets, just reply to this one, if the subject is the same. Please check our Knowledgebase if you have more questions: PLEASE USE TICKET CENTER SO? They told that you can't leave a feedback on their product I leave feedback about their service quality and they ban my account? They vialate the law and play big brother and manace their own custumer of law suite if they don't remove nevative comment Did you really want to do business with that They can't block competition anyway so Something that a competitor will no do They have a separate Chameleon Mods website where you can order any changes.

It is very important if you want a unique website. The price is 7! The apps are compiled by them so you have yoir own logo and title. Also the apps are hybrid, that is, you can make some changes to your web mobile version and the apps take those changes automatically, no need to recompile and resubmit an app whenever a minor change is made. This is a huge advantage at least for me, as I like to tweak the language a lot. They make updates every couple of months and an updater script is provided, so none of your changes are lost.

This is a lot better than the old obsolete model of plain monthly charges when the user "notices" the big payments very well and may wish to stop them at any moment. Can Chameleon Social be used with WordPress? No and it will never have this option. No professional dating or social networking site in the world is run is something like WordPress. Chameleon itself is now times more complex and feature rich than WordPress and is a professional standalone system.

It is something really strange to want to connect Chameleon to WordPress. It is like wanting to run a Ferrari on a Fiat engine. Do you really think Facebook, Badoo, POF, Match. The answer is obvious. If one wants to earn millions he will never use a simple free engine like this. It is for teenagers who want to have a blog online. And yes, it is a blog engine. Stay away from everything amateur if you want to be a professional.

I am a developer, do you have an unlimited domain license? Yes sure, please go to the pricing page and choose the number of domains you want the software for, for example 2, 3, or 10 websites. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. You can also choose "Unlimited websites" if you are a developer and would like to develop very many websites using Chameleon Social Software. Do you offer domain names? Yes, you can see our premium dating and social networking domain names on the Pricing page here.

Do I have to use your domain name? No, usually a domain name is bought at godaddy. But if you do not want to spend several days thinking of a possible name, if you like a particular name we offer and find the logo attractive, of course you can use one of our domain names, although they are somewhat more expensive. Why are your domain names so cheap? Yes, they are extremely cheap.

Because it is not our main business. We make software, we are programmers and designers.

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