Gay Dating Apps Windows Phone

Gay Dating Apps Windows Phone

von · 10.08.2017

I agree that some of the apps can be pretty trashy, but I think they are a good thing in the end because it gets us out of bars and dance clubs and lets us make connections in day to day life just like straight people. Usually the app is just full of other straight dudes, kinda boring. Well, you make a profile with your information and some pictures. Turn on your GPS and you'll get to see guys who are close to you, and you can check them out by clicking their profiles.

If you like any of them you can chat with them and maybe hook-up or just talk. It has been called 'GPS for cock' Please be respectful of other people's cultures. Not every app is for YOU, or ME, or anyone. Last time when it was announced the comments were ridiculous im happy to see that most people are being respectful this time. We've had to do a little cleaning and ban a couple of people, unfortunately.

But I guess it could be worse. Trolling or not, honestly, that's their own opinion. Doesn't mean you've to ban them. We only banned people who couldn't handle warnings and continued to be hateful. Opinions that are harmful to others aren't welcome here. I was relatively proud of the community there for a few minutes. My brother will certainly be downloading this app, haha! Funny though in a-way, most of the normal posters people who post on just about every article posted in WPC are suddenly missing from this article?

Anyway yet another good app for WP8 the more the merrier.. And welcome to the WP community. I noticed in past articles dealing with this app in particular or anything related to gays the "regulars" you are referring to came out and made it quite clear they were It's sad that our most devoted members are borderline homophobes, but that's just the way it is I suppose. At least they aren't bringing their negativity here.

The comment cybermoose made wasn't really hatefull and he didn't attack anyone, he also could have meant date apps in general. His was far from the worst comment, but the implication was clear enough. Now this should be extended to Android too - as they, over the years their gay app support is just as good as Apple. But I really wanted to see what others thought of this. A quote from someone I used to hang out with "I like Windows Phone but it's only got one crappy app and guys don't use that app much.

I'm going to iPhone asap". I'm currently searching for new ideas to create apps anyway. Do you think third party apps could be made for those serrvices? Do they have APIs? No idea about that at all, but I can write code, so: I'm gay and I a Use Windows Phone and b Have never used or wanted to use Gindr etc. Same for the 'straight' apps. Because it reduces interaction to just meaningless sex?

I'm not exactly a fan of gay saunas, fyi. It comes off as rather sad and desperate imo. I might be weird in that I need an emotional connection for sex, so I can't understand that shit. But perhaps you should do the same. If two guys wanna pound away and not know each others name, power to them! Nothing sad if they're happy and having fun. I'm engaged now and don't need to use it. Grindr is dying anyway to be honest as other apps are getting more popular for 'genuine' meeting of people ahem.

I'm glad some developers did it though, like Scruff. But I know not everyone uses it but gay hook up apps were huge when they came out - and look at Tindr now - a lot of people at my work like smartphones because of it. I have Scruff installed on my phone, but I would really prefer Growlr. I've written them a couple of times and they have responded politely that, no, they aren't interested. Once 10 is released I'll write again to see if a port is in the works.

Saying gay people don't use Windows Phone because there's no Grindr is like saying straight people don't use it because there's no Tinder. Hit the heart icon and, if the object of your affection likes you back, start chatting and set up a date. The two apps are very similar, but 6tin supports both English and French. POF — Free Online Dating. POF also known as Plenty of Fish claims to have three million active daily users around the world and its free app supports five languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

The dating service is free and allows you to post a profile, find eligible singles, and contact them for dates. Upgrading your membership for an additional fee lets you upload more images of yourself, unlock extended profiles, experience the app ad-free, and more. The most popular dating app for gay men on Lumia is Scruff. Free to use, the app has recently been re-launched for Windows Phone 8.

Popular gay men chat and dating app Jack'd launched on Windows Phone

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