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von · 17.06.2017

I got messages like "you got balls for messaging me" "I like your confidence" and stuff like that. Make your profile stand out, no "I like to watch Monday Night Football, chill with my frat bros, and wear Ed Hardy". Think more like "I spend my free time traveling, currently learning Portuguese, and playing racquetball". They "want" someone who has their shit together, so make it seem like it.

I'll PM you my profile, it's nothing extravagant. I don't really use online dating, but when I'm in an environment where girls are mostly older than me ny clubs and bar , I always lie about my age. When I pretend to be older than them or the same age, my success rate is always higher I have a beard and girls usually guess I'm between - I have, of course, experimented with being honest about my age while gaming year olds, but it's generally much harder and less rewarding in my experience.

I wonder if you would have more even more success exaggerating your age by a few years or if the 'confidence factor' you mentioned earlier really does work more in your favor. Seeing your profile would be helpful, thanks Oh shit! That's Cougar central right there! Hit the wine bars in Manhattan and Central Park. I used two pics, one of me and my dad fishing in Canada when I was 5 years old and another one of me in a Mickey Mouse shirt standing next to Mickey in Disney World when I was 6.

Chics eat this shit up! Again, no tux here, but a woman wants to know that her potential mate can "clean up well". If you're the center of the party, also use a pic of you with said tie around your head dancing your face off! Too many and you look like a fool. Too few and you won't garner very much interest. You can state in your profile that you're an animal lover. A pic of you and your pet is fine, but I've seen both men and women with 4 or 5 pics of their pet s on their profile and just one of themselves.

You look like a TOOL doing this, especially in your car or in a bathroom mirror and you can see the toilet seat up and toothpaste stains on the mirror. Sadly, a lot of people do this, especially on PoF. I always used something related to "Rocky Raccoon" or a childhood nickname. A lot of women are Beatles fans and they'll get the reference. Some even referred to me as "Rocky". Quite a few sent me initial emails because of my username.

I usually spelled it differently, too. I used a reference from Monty Python and it was subliminal, too This gives the right impression that I'm not like every other TOOL online. My ex gf got back on Match. Her first paragraph is a funny story about her falling flat on her face while bowling. This draws people in. My first paragraph was funny, too, but different.

I talked about how it wasn't my first time at the rodeo -- I've been on Match before. Met some great women, a few wackos and one absolute psycho who I would rather refer to as a "fan". Mine is rather large I'm the youngest of 6 , but "it isn't the Brady Bunch". This shows that I know my family isn't perfect and that's ok. You get 11 matches without photos, you never reply to someone without a photo.

This is all the time. I have complained to them and they have ignored my question of why do I get matches without photos all the time. They need to be shut down and people should get their money back. Class action suit should be helpful. Jill of Fort Worth, TX on Aug. It's so unfair for them to have such discretion in auto-renewing their members with no possibility in getting a refund if you're not using the site anymore.

I had met someone, therefore not using the site, but the customer service rep told me I would get no refund because her records showed that I had gotten on the site since the renewal. To hide my profile and another time to figure out how to cancel my account. I had met someone, not on Match but a different site. I then asked for a partial refund and was told "no" that I wasn't eligible.

There's lots of free sites that are virtually the same. Don't get sucked into thinking that Match will be any different because people have to pay to be on the site. There's still the same amount of scammers, jerks and freaks as any other site. Darla of Wattsburgh, PA on Aug. When I called to let Match. I will never use nor recommend this service to anyone. Customer service was disrespectful, rude, and made me feel like I was extremely unimportant.

Carol of Midlothian, VA on Aug. I sent the Google links to the evidence along with my report and although I received a canned response from the customer service department, the profiles were allowed to continue on their site. Robin of Allen, TX on Aug. On July 29, I received an email saying that my profile changes were approved and if I hadn't made any changes then I should contact Match. When I logged on to my account sure enough there was a man's profile who lived in LA while I am a woman that lives in TX.

Well two weeks go by and no refund. I then contact my credit card company and told them to dispute those charges which they did. Fast forward to Sunday morning and I try to get on my account but I receive a message that my account has been frozen.

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